St. Andrew's Akron is not holding in-person services at this time


Sundays @ 10am
Traditional Holy Eucharist


765 Thayer Street
Akron, OH 44310

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We are a small traditional Episcopal Church.

There is one aspect of life here at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church that shines above all else: our members. We have one of the friendliest and most welcoming groups you will ever meet, and we hope that we can show you just how good a church community can be by welcoming you to one of our services! Come see for yourself what a church can be, how much it can support you in your life and become a place where you may worship and feel at home. All are welcome here!

We use “supply priests” from our diocese, The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. The two priests who are most often here to celebrate the Eucharist with us are: The Reverend Robert Witt and Father Mac (The Reverend Gary McElroy) who is from Chagrin Falls. Both provide a beautiful Eucharist and great sermons.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful music director as well. Dr. Robert Quade, whose talent and expertise on the organ enhance our service. Those who hear him play are moved by the beauty and majesty of his music. He arranges to have guest choristers for holidays and has also arranged concert performances and special events throughout the year. We especially enjoy his improvisations.

We are located in a neighborhood that has traditionally embraced diversity and welcomed immigrants learning not just a new language but also a new way of life.

We share our space with them in many ways.

We provide classrooms where they learn advanced language skills and learn to become assimilated in our culture.

We share our church with the Vishvu Jyoti, a Christian group from Bhutan, who hold worship services on Sundays from noon to 2 pm.

We run a twice-monthly mentoring program for neighborhood children of nearly every ethnicity, aged 6-12, with crafts, education, speakers, exercise sessions and cultural interest. It has grown to be one of our most successful and unique projects.



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